Why the lockdown is becoming the perfect excuse for the UK government to exert more control


The image of a woman being pinned and handcuffed by two male police officers has become the new symbol of violence against women in the UK.

But look closely at that image, and you will discover a far more harrowing meaning behind it.

Exerting Undue Authority

That night, hundreds attended a vigil to commemorate the memory of Sarah Everard, who disappeared while walking home in Clapham Common, London.

Her body was found days later, and charges have been brought against a Met Police Officer who allegedly kidnapped and murdered her.

The tragedy highlighted the dangers women face daily, and despite lockdown rules forbidding…

How I plan to rekindle my love for reading and the books that will help me

Image by Annie Spratt (Unsplash)

“So, what are you reading at the moment?” My father asks me on one of my weekly visits.

“Oh, nothing at the moment,” I replied, “there’s nothing good out there.”

“You’re not reading anything at all?”

“No — I’ve just finished a book, actually,” I said with a somewhat smug tone. “Pride and Prejudice.”

“You’ve read that dozens of times,” my dad replied. “When was the last time you read something new?”

My father’s question made me pause.

My mouth fell agape as I realized with horror what my answer was.

It’s been at least three years since I’ve read…

And how you can change them to reduce it

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters (Unsplash)

I am a fanatical list writer.

Whether it be writing projects, housework, grocery shopping, or appointments — you name it, I write a to-do list for it.

Writing to-do lists has been well established in psychology as a great method for reducing anxiety and it’s easy to see why.

There’s nothing like that little self-satisfied boost you get when you score something off your list and seeing that a task is done.

It gives a sense of order: of productiveness; a feeling of calm as you can write off one more thing you no longer need to remember to do.

And some ideas on how to overcome them

Image by Matthew T Rader (Unsplash)

Negative thoughts are the most addictive forms of self-pity, and left unchecked can cause serious harm to our mental health.

They come unasked for and unwanted, yet they are inevitable.

Some of us — those filled with confidence and optimism — can banish these thoughts with a casual wave and get on with their life without the negativity having an impact.

Others — deliberately or unconsciously — indulge in the negativity daily, allowing the insipid toxicity to stew in their minds and wreak havoc in their lives as a result.

I am one of the latter group.

I have always…

There’s a new running app coming — and it’s bound to get you moving

Image by Bruno Nascimento (Unsplash)

I’ve always wanted to be a keen runner, but I lack the focus and perseverance.

Cardio is my weakest form of exercise — whether I’m on the treadmill or outside, I can only manage to run for 5 minutes without stopping.

That’s a good day for me, but I’ve never been able to improve from that.

The problem is, I get bored quickly.

I set off in the morning with the best of intentions, but after that 5-minute mark, I have to slow down to a wheezy walk. …

And why Anne Bronte is the true genius of the Bronte sisters

The Bronte Sisters from right to left: Anne, Emily and Charlotte (Image from Wikipedia)

For years Anne has been the underdog of the Bronte family.

The unknown sister pushed into the background.

Considered less accomplished than Charlotte, less passionate than Emily.

It is only now, 200 years after her death, the work of Anne Bronte is now gaining the appreciation it deserves.

The youngest of the Bronte sisters only wrote two novels in her lifetime, the most well known, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

When it was first published in 1847, the book was sold out within six weeks. However, it gained attention for all the wrong reasons.

It tells the story of young…

It’s time to stand up to Trump and do your duty to uphold democracy

(Image by Jose M via Unsplash)

I should start by saying that I am not American.

Some might say this precludes me from having an opinion on the current political situation in the U.S., but I disagree.

What is happening there now will have consequences for all free democracies of the world. Because how it is handled — or should I say, how Trump is handled — will affect the future stability of democracy itself.

Trump’s reaction to the election results is not surprising. …

Resources and advice that I have followed to become a better writer on Medium and beyond

Image by Noah Buscher (Unsplash)

When you are a new writer on Medium, it can be overwhelming.

You dive in full of enthusiasm, writing your heart out on whatever topic comes to your head. You publish and then you wait, filled with anticipation.

Nothing happens.

You write another article, and then another… and another. It’s hard at this point to not take it personally. Only then do you realize that there is more to Medium than simply writing.

There are millions of writers on Medium, from all corners of the world, and they all want the same as you: to be a success.

In this…

Boost well being and promote relaxation while keeping back aches under control

Image by Sharon McCutcheon (Unsplash)

Having a baby can be the most exciting and the most fraught experience of a woman’s life.

The transformation the body goes through, from conception to birth, is laden with discomforts, even for the most physically fit.

For women with scoliosis, these discomforts can evolve into acute sources of pain as pregnancy progresses.

Scoliosis is the medical term for an abnormal curvature of the spine and is a common condition usually diagnosed in adolescents.

Nearly 3 million cases of scoliosis are diagnosed in the US each year.

There is a common fear amongst women, that having scoliosis means they will…

3 options from a homeowner who jumped in too fast

Image by Andre Hunter (Unsplash)

On paper, our house ticked all the right boxes.

It was detached, with three bedrooms; close to the train station and it wasn’t a new build (newly built houses tended to be much smaller).

I remember looking around the house and loving everything that I saw. Yes, it was worn looking and old fashioned — the previous owners were a retired couple — and it was a bit smaller than what we had wanted, but no major work needed to be done, it was in the area we wanted and it was within our price range.

At the time, we…

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