Why the lockdown is becoming the perfect excuse for the UK government to exert more control


The image of a woman being pinned and handcuffed by two male police officers has become the new symbol of violence against women in the UK.

But look closely at that image, and you will discover a far more harrowing meaning behind it.

Exerting Undue Authority

That night, hundreds attended a vigil to…

How I plan to rekindle my love for reading and the books that will help me

Image by Annie Spratt (Unsplash)

“So, what are you reading at the moment?” My father asks me on one of my weekly visits.

“Oh, nothing at the moment,” I replied, “there’s nothing good out there.”

“You’re not reading anything at all?”

“No — I’ve just finished a book, actually,” I said with a somewhat smug…

And why Anne Bronte is the true genius of the Bronte sisters

The Bronte Sisters from right to left: Anne, Emily and Charlotte (Image from Wikipedia)

For years Anne has been the underdog of the Bronte family.

The unknown sister pushed into the background.

Considered less accomplished than Charlotte, less passionate than Emily.

It is only now, 200 years after her death, the work of Anne Bronte is now gaining the appreciation it deserves.

The youngest…

Resources and advice that I have followed to become a better writer on Medium and beyond

Image by Noah Buscher (Unsplash)

When you are a new writer on Medium, it can be overwhelming.

You dive in full of enthusiasm, writing your heart out on whatever topic comes to your head. You publish and then you wait, filled with anticipation.

Nothing happens.

You write another article, and then another… and another. It’s…

Boost well being and promote relaxation while keeping back aches under control

Image by Sharon McCutcheon (Unsplash)

Having a baby can be the most exciting and the most fraught experience of a woman’s life.

The transformation the body goes through, from conception to birth, is laden with discomforts, even for the most physically fit.

For women with scoliosis, these discomforts can evolve into acute sources of pain…

Kathleen Fleming

Author in the making and fiction fanatic. Excited to start my new business venture. Flemingfiction.net

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